Still Jumpin'

Christi Taylor
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

Still Jumpin is great! Fun and with just right intensity. It was my first Christi's tape and I think it is a good introduction tape to Christi's hi-lo because:

  • background exercisers show modifications
  • the workout does not move too fast (hi-lo heaven moves faster I think?)
  • the choreography is moderate, not too complex.
  • Christi's cueing here is excellent and I love how she sings the cues :)
  • intensity builds up gradually

The first part of this workout is more low-impact than high-impact probably, and when you start for about 15 minutes you will probably be thinking it is too easy (in terms of intensity) if you got used to Cathe and are advanced exerciser, but intensity increases gradually and it is perfect after about 20 minutes and the whole second part. Intensity is intermediate for the first part and probably hi-intermediate - medium-advanced for the second part. I love the second part a little bit more probably because it has more high impact moves - I like this "jump rope while turning" move most.

The music is the best I have heard on exercise video so far and matches the moves very well. Music was one thing that motivated me to learn the moves, and of course Christi is very motivating and warm. My advice to everybody who got used to simpler, more athletic choreography: give it a try! I used to think I am bad at picking up moves, and I also usually prefer "simple" hi-lo moves. So initially I was reluctant to learn the moves - I would not get the most intense workout the very first /second day because of having to rewind often, but once I got the moves more or less down, I had so much fun and felt like I can dance now! This sense of accomplishment is worth all the time you spend trying to learn this tape, believe me :) And the choreography is not really hard - each time you will get more and more of it... One more thing I noticed: sometimes when I get confused with the move, I would just do something on my own instead, that feels "natural" or fun and know what? sometimes it turns out to be the right move. If not - who cares - I still feel great and do the next move together with Christi.

Several tiny things that I wish were done differently:

  • I wish background exercisers were closer - at times it was tough to see them behind the front girls.
  • I did not like one move: "out, out and in" - but it's just me and maybe it is partly because I can not get the hand movements for this segment right even now...
  • After I did workout many times, about 15 minutes in the beginning where you learn the steps becomes a little bit repetitive and slightly boring; I wish there were a special section of the video where we would just do all combos in full several times - without having to start with simpler steps;

More of good things:

  • Loved background exercisers, especially Teresa and Julie - they are truly having fun there and so motivating
  • I liked to see VF-ers in the beginning and in the end of this tape
  • Small window (that appears on the screen after the first part) with Christi showing stretches is a great idea
  • I love the warm-up and cool-down in this workout - I find myself dancing this funny move from the cooldown days after I finished the tape :)

Highly recommend this tape!

Instructor Comments:
Christi is talented, professional and very warm and funny.