Still Jumpin'

Christi Taylor
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

Whew! Christi managed to do it *again*. Actually, I was afraid she couldn't make another workout as great as High/Low Heaven, or else she would try to outdo herself and mess it up. But my fears were totally unfounded -- this is outstanding! It's an hour-long high/low workout, with music that's just as fantastic as that in High/Low Heaven, and advanced intensity throughout. I think the choreography is a little less complex in this one, but certainly not boring. It's divided into two sections. I think they're both roughly equal in time, but I didn't keep track. At the end of the first section, there is an inset with a cooldown/stretch so you can stop there if you want to. If you go all the way through, you will feel totally worked out by the time you're done -- the intensity is constant. Although I am a high-impact person, I did notice that a lot of the moves can be done low-impact. This makes it great for those who shy away from these types of tapes because of the impact. Everything about this workout gets an A+ -- even the covers (really cute)!

Annie S.