Peak Performance Yoga

Rod Stryker
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Yoga

Outdoor setting, voice over..just Rod leading the practice.I've only done this practice once I think but today it really fit the bill for me as my tastes/needs seem to be changing some! This one starts and ends with a crosslegged forward bend. I don't remember all the poses, but I'll try to get the gist of the workout. basically almost all the poses are held a long time, which is why I liked it today. He does a salutation -type series where you go into chair, bend down, back up and straighten then bend down straight and back up several times. seems like you do triangle and extended right angle as well and a longheld downdog (can't get out of downdogs with any of gaiam's stuff!)very slow pace and relaxing. there's also a pose I call fan with a twist..legs wide apart and you put one hand on the floor and the other in the air as you twist..except he moves the hand in the air forward and back up while you look down then you look up as you hold it...I was tired today and these he held a long time for me but it felt nice afterwards. there are several twists on the floor as well and bends then you lie down and do some more twists.

I think the best 2 things about this practice are 1) it was a great bargain from gaiam! and 2) it has a lot of bends and twists that are held a long time.

cover says 25 minutes but it's longer with the relaxation.

Instructor Comments:
I liked him in this one...nicely done and he explains some stuff at the beginning about proper rest, etc.