Stott Pilates Fitness Circle

Moira Stott Merrithew
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength

This is my first Pilates circle workout, so I donít have any other workouts to compare it to. It is also my first Moira Stott workout.

Moira Stott supervises to exercisers who actually do the workout. Most of the moves were gentle and they used the fitness circle. With some of the moves, the circle felt like a prop, but I did feel my muscles afterward, so they did get worked out.

After an excruciatingly slow start in which there was a discussion of breathing and how to move your chin when rolling up, the workout did move along better for the rest of the workout. There were a couple of moves that required you to hold the circle between your ankles and then flip over onto your stomach. I couldnít hold the circle between my ankles, so I never did do those moves. There were some nice stretches embedded in this workout.

The music was pretty nondescript. The exercisers both sat on raised platforms and the set was fine, but pretty plain.

Will I keep this workout? I donít know. I want to try it again and I want to compare it against other circle workouts. I did enjoy using the Pilates fitness circle.

Instructor Comments:
She came across as calm and knowledgable or dry and rather boring, depending on which part of the workout it was.

Laura S.