Step and Sculpt

Jay Blahnik, Linda McHugh
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Step Aerobics

I enjoyed this video. I'd rate it as intermediate in intensity level, and moderate/advanced in choreography. I'm an advanced exerciser, who is more used to Cathe Frederich's high impact step videos. I didn't feel challenged enough in this video (though collage ranks it as intermed/advanced intensity).

My main criticism, though, is that Linda and Jay take too long to build up the sequences. The moves are fairly basic (i.e., step kick, lateral arm raises while doing a side step, mambos on the floor, v-steps, hop turns, lunges). The advanced exerciser will immediately recognize these standards, so some of the instruction seems unncessary. I would've liked the video much more if they had taken out the little basic steps and compressed the routines more quickly. Overall, I think Kari Anderson is a better choice for people looking for an intermediate/advanced video with complex choreography.

Eulonda Skyles