Step and Sculpt

Jay Blahnik, Linda McHugh
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Step Aerobics

EXCELLENT! I love this tape. Linda and Jay are excellent instructors. The choreography is interesting and the cueing is excellent. The toning at the end is a nice added touch. My only complaint is the stepping section (as well as the toning) could be longer. The stepping section only lasts for 26 minutes; I usually rewind the tape so I get a longer workout, but it would be nice if the tape gave a cardio section that was at least 35 minutes. I believe the toning section only lasts for about 8 minutes; that could be extended as well. This tape is a nice addition for the advanced stepper or teacher who would like some additional choreography. I only downgrade this tape from an A because the cardio section could be longer; however, I give the tape an A for choreography. Grade: B+

Kathy Lapinski