Step to the 3rd Power

Kimberly Spreen
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Step Aerobics

I did Kimberly's Power to the 3rd this morning. I have to say that I really enjoyed it!

Here's a mini-review

Warmup - 5 minutes and fairly basic....grapevines, step touches, etc. Kimberly didn't use the step at all, except for a couple of step taps.

Step - 27 minutes.....loved it! Kimberly packs 5 combinations into 27 minutes. The choreography is a couple of steps below Christi Taylor's and maybe one step above Petra Kolber's. Kimberly keeps adding options to make the workout more interesting. Fairly low impact, but there's a fair amount of pivoting (but there's a modifier who doesn't pivot). Not too much TIFTing....just right.
The time flew by for me.

Double/Partner Step - 15 minutes. This segment is all 5 combos from the previous segment done around 5 or so times. The modifier uses a single step. Kimberly does the routine with 2 steps side by side for the 1st 7 or so minutes and then gets the 2nd background exerciser up to do partner step for the rest of the time.

I don't have a 2nd step (or partner) so I attempted to add my high step to the mix. It didn't really work for me, as I have short legs. I can only imagine the trouble I'd have if I actually had a 2nd full length step (talk about lots of lateral movement). I can't see doing the double step section after doing the regular step section, as I think I'd get pretty sick of dong the combos all over again for 15 minutes....BUT I can totally see me using the 15 minute section as a fun cardio add-on to a strength training day or as a good cardio prequel to doing yoga or something.

Cooldown - 7 minutes. It's really not a's a stretch segment which was basic.

I really enjoyed it.....the music was the standard Dynamix stuff. The set was fine but unremarkable. The production quality was on a par or slightly below CIA quality.

Instructor Comments:
Kimberly cues very well and seems to have a lot of fun.

Patti S.