Kimberly Spreen
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

My only complaint is that I wish the workout were longer! It's about 26 minutes of actual kickboxing workout. What's great about it is that it is virtually non-stop--no marching in place or drawn-out boxer shuffling. Kimberley and two background exercisers do simple combinations of moves that are quite effective. You basically do punches, side punches, hooks, a variation on the hook (where it kind of swerves upward) uppercuts, roundhouses and front kicks. No side kicks or back kicks. A typical combo is four punches, scissors, four front kicks, four jacks to the other side and repeat. The "breaks" really consist of fast squats and you never do them too long before going into the next move. I'd say you definitely should already be familiar with kickboxing moves before doing this tape--but that's what's great about it. Simple combos, basic moves, non-stop, you work every minute of that 26 minutes. Billy Blanks did a 15-minute cardio section in Taebo AL5 that went from one move to the next without stopping, and I've always wished he or someone else would do something like that again. Kimberley Spreen finally has. Fancy choreography fans might find this too basic in that sense, but if you want a straightforward, non-stop half-hour of kickboxing, this will do it!

Instructor Comments:
She's great--ever so slightly perky and not as polished as some, but very no-nonsense and a very good cuer. Excellent overall. She has sayings like, "Bye-bye upper body" when you stop doing punches and do only kicks, but it's not annoying to me.