Easy Stretch by Buns of Steel

Greg Smithey
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Athletic Stretch

This video is for beginners. I'm not one, but didn't feel upset for myself with buying this one. The stretching is moving-stretching, such as Denise Austin's Total Energy or Richard Simmons Stretching To The Classics. The floor stretches for the hamstrings and hips are static. I wish he would have included a quadraceps stretch, or a calf stretch, but he missed both of these. The upper body gets stretched out pretty good, and would be a good transition after being behind a computer all day. I felt, when doing the upper body stretches, almost "mime-like" if there is such a term. He has you grabbing onto an imaginary rope and pulling. It lasted a little longer than I would have liked. I didn't like the "deep thoughts" at the end. I don't mind laying down and relaxing after yoga, but maybe a beginner who needs to hear the encouragement would. I'll give it a grade C+.

Instructor Comments:
My husband walked into the room, when I had this video on and said "He is so seventies." which sums it up. He looks the same as in the original Buns of Steel video, plus some grey. He still has that friendly personality and is very encouraging for beginners. He works the camera with the smiles and charm.

Lorrie Gigler