Stretchin' To The Classics

Richard Simmons
Year Released: 1994

Categories: Athletic Stretch

I received this video in a trade and I looked forward to seeing it after reading about it. I was more curious about it than expecting a great stretch and my expectations were met. The main reason I was curious about it was I wanted to SEE a video in which Richard Simmons doesnít talk. I didnít think it was possible! (But, it is.)

Richard is by himself in this video on a stage in front of a nice backdrop. He does a variety of stretches set to a series of classical musical pieces. Everything is demonstrated and he emphasizes things through motions. He does not speak through the entire workout. There are a number of computer-generated, especially at the beginning and end. Throughout the workout there are some as well. For example, when he needs a chair, it ďmagicallyĒ appears. The pace of the workout is nice. It isnít rushed.

Many of the stretches felt pretty good. A couple of times, I wondered what body part he intended the stretch to be as I couldnít quite tell what he was doing. I recognized many of the stretches because Iíve done other workouts and am familiar with the basics. For someone who is not, this would not be a good workout to start with.

I did this workout once and put it on my trade pile. It wasnít bad, but it just didnít fill the need I have for short, good stretches with clear explanations. It is short. Itís okay. It was clear at times and other times I was left guessing. I was glad to see it, but I donít have the desire to do it again.

Instructor Comments:
It's a weird video - Richard doesn't speak. That cuts out much of what I've come to expect from Richard Simmons in a workout.

Laura S.