Stretchin' To The Classics

Richard Simmons
Year Released: 1994

Categories: Athletic Stretch

In this stretching video, Richard says nothing. That is right, not one word. Since the music is all classical, it is perfect that he doesn't say anything in it. I like Richard, but I wondered how his personality would fit in a classical music stretch video before I got it. This is a good tape to do if you ever feel stiff and need to move around. It isn't a good athletic stretch type of a tape. He has you moving and stretching to the beats of the music, rather than holding a stretch for a length of time. It reminds me more of Denise Austin's Total Energy, than a stretching video. In some parts he has you hold some, but he does flow with the classical music. It is very choreographed, and since he says nothing, you have to watch him closely. The background is really nice to look at. It has beautiful computer images of the outdoors. For an artifical outdoor setting, it was very pleasant to look at. I really liked this video, but wish the stretches were held longer. I would rate this a B- for stretching, but an A for overall.

Instructor Comments:
I only own 2 of Richard's videos, and they are both stretching. If he came out with an intermediate, or an int/adv, I would get it. I hope he does someday, for the followers he has after they advance. In this video, Richard doesn't even make a peep, but his personality shines through his facial expressions.

Lorrie Gigler