Slim Series: Mix It Up

Debbie Siebers
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

I did Mix It Up last night and it's 57 minutes in length. Once you've done a 78 minute workout, 57 minutes seems easy. This video uses the same cast as Firm It Up. All video formats are basically the same: warm up, standing exercises, standing ab work, floor exercises, floor ab work, and cool down. This video mainly comprised of weights, bursts of cardio, kickboxing, glute and ab work. For this video, dumbells and resistance tubing are used. Instead of tubing, I used dumbells the entire time and they worked fine.

Remember when I said I hated lunges? Well, those words come back to haunt me. This video contains forward, reverse, and cross body lunges. There are tons of traditional and plie squats as well. Oftentimes, these squats are either paired with sidekicks in a one-two movement or combined with upper body weight work. Debbie usually completes segments with "lowends" which are quick, small pulses to further fatigue muscles.

Very short bursts of cardio is blended through out the workout and include running in place, half jacks, and kicks.

Shoulders and back are thoroughly worked out in Mix It Up. There were lots of lat raises, shoulder presses, Arnold presses, bent lat raises, and rows. Triceps were worked with kickbacks and overhead extensions. Chest exercises include pushups, chest presses, semi-circle flies (new type of exercise for me), and pullovers.

Glutes are mainly done on all fours with endless legs kickbacks. The video ends with traditional ab work.

Overall: I really like Debbie's style, relaxed and fun at the same time. Her form is perfect and always gives great pointers. All the videos have a similar feel to them yet different exercises are used to work the same muscle groups. Some people have mentioned that these videos have a FIRMish feel to them. I don't exactly agree with that. These videos incorporate a bit of everything. At one point during Mix It Up, you are in the chair/child poise! Even though FIRMS are great workouts, they give me a superficial feeling. Slim Series, on the other hand, seems very real. This is the feeling I get from these videos: "It's time to get down to business. Let's get through this together!" Most moves are pretty athletic. Even guys would enjoy doing these.