Slim Series: Firm it Up

Debbie Siebers
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Lower Body Strength

Firm It Up is 58 minutes and targets your lower body. No weights are needed but if you want to up the intensity, put on 2lb ankle weights. I have adjustable ankle weights that increase by 1 pound increments and go from 1-10 lbs. I didn't use them yesterday since it was my first time doing the video but I will be using them next time. This is a medium paced video which allows you to concentrate on strength and stability.

There's a different set of background exercisers in this video and everyone looks great. This time around, Debbie doesn't need to check on form as often and has the time to get down to business. This video is filled with squats and side kicks. If you don't like to do these, this video is not for you. At first the movements seem so easy but you do soooooo many reps. By the end, you definitely feel the burn.

I hate forward and backward lunges with a passion and this video doesn't have any. Yay! Glutes are thoroughly worked out with floor exercises. Actually, the second half of the tape flies by because you're mainly on the floor. The workout concludes with solid ab work and a cool down. There is a scissors move that is reminiscent to pilates and it kicks ass. It is one of the last ab exercises. Since you've already fatigued the abs, you really feel the burn. You lie on your back and scissor your legs up and down while scissoring you arms as well. I haven't previewed the other dvds but I have a feeling ab work is on all the workouts.

I thought this workout was nice as well. Right now, I rank it a little easier that Shape It Up since it's shorter in length. Next week, I may change my mind when I strap on ankle weights.
Also, these workouts are only as tough as the amount of work you put into them. Focus on form and put as much strength as possible into each movement.