Slim Series: Firm it Up

Debbie Siebers
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Lower Body Strength


An hour long workout. All lower body. No weights, except you can use ankle weights for the chair work.

Equipment is: A chair, A mat (or carpeted room), Ankle wts (optional)

Active warmup (maybe 5 mins) - very similar to her others.

Then we get into squats, squats on toes, squats with knees together, wide legged squats, squats and knee ups, squats and roundhouse kicks, plie squats - you name it. LOTS of squats.

Then you get a chair, and do some ballet style inner thigh work, followed by slow and controlled side kicks.

After this, it's to the mat-cave, Batwoman, where you do leg work while on your back.

First move is the move that Joyce does in one of her vids, that I didn't feel. It's the inner thigh frog lift, I think... but I felt it here. She gave me the sufficient form pointers so that I was doing the right thing.

More inner thigh work - lying on the back - my inner thighs were hurting.

Then... interminable pelvic lifts.

I had no clue that pelvic lifts could be so torturous.. She does MANY different variations of these, and I had to take breaks. My bum was BURNING.

Finally, abs. Regular slow crunches, then faster crunches, then knees to the side crunches (obliques) supersetted with lying on side oblique lifts. Then reverse crunches, then legs up in the air, hands pointing at toes crunches. I think I got them all, but I could be addled

I LOVE this workout.

Instructor Comments:
See my review for Tone it Up. Debbie is up there in my top five list of favorite instructors.