Cool It Off

Debbie Siebers
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Athletic Stretch

This is a wonderful stretch workout with some added back strengthening and knee stabilization moves. It is LONG at about an hour, but doesn’t drag.

You could possibly do just the floor or just the standing stretches if in a hurry.

Debbie holds some of the stretches for a very long time. One stretch, the “bow” pose from yoga is a bit advanced and I often skip it and do a regular cobra. She emphasizes breathing deeply throughout the stretches. Modifications are shown for the tougher poses. But, I think Debbie could have added more form pointers here and there.

My only gripe is the out-of-place country music in the background. Let’s face it, BeachBody is NOT known for the great music in their workouts! I usually turn the sound option off and do it music-free. Or play some nice Ateeka yoga music.

Here is the DVD chapter breakdown:

1) Introduction

2) Warm Up (3:45)

3) Standing Stretches (17:20)

4) Seated (on chair) Hip Stretch (3:20)

5) Core Stabilization (6:05)

6) Lying Prone Stretches and Lower Back Work (9:45)

7) Lying Supine Stretches (9:45)

8) Seated Stretches (9:00)

9) Standing Stretches (2:00)

Instructor Comments:
Debbie is as friendly as ever. More low-key than in any of her other workouts. Thankfully, she doesn't make a lot of goofy jokes to dread (Millenium Stretch, anyone?). So you can do Cool It Off every day if you want.

I would have like a few more form pointers.