YogaFit for Cyclists

Beth Shaw
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Yoga

Bonus features include:
*YogaFits 7 Principles of Alignment
*Breathing Techniques
*YogaFit Essence
*5 Minute Post Ride Stretch


Plain white background, minimal set.


The practice begins with a rhythmic standing warmup. (you can also use this chapter prior to your cycling workout) Beth uses lots of deep plie movements which really warms up the lower body, which is essential for cycling. Everything is fluid and continuous which will work to gradually raise the heart rate. Beth also includes several poses to open the chest and round the spine (cat/cow sequence for example). This will help prevent the tightness and stiffness that can occur while cycling. The warmup also contains some pushups to strengthen the arms. The next chapter is the Sun Salutation sequences. (you can start the practice with this if you prefer a more traditional yoga warmup) The salutation is repeated several times before moving on. The main Yoga for Cyclists session is next. Here, Beth will include exercises to stretch out the lower body and back and strengthen the upper body. (this practice would also be beneficial to those that sit all day in their professions since you are in the same forward flexion) The session begins gently with some basic stretches.

This practice is less of a "power yoga" flow and more of a restorative practice. The holds are longer which will increase flexibility and agility, enhance your stamina (for longer rides) and reduce stress and tension. The practice has more of an athletic feel to it which may benefit those that are new to yoga or prefer more traditional stretches. Beth includes hip opening sequences and hamstring/quad stretches. To prevent lower back pain (which cyclists can develop), you'll perform core strengthening exercise and twists to gently release tightness in the spine.

I really enjoyed this practice. The lower body stretches really alleviate pain and tightness (and just feel good!)

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