The Power Within

Mark Blanchard
Year Released: 1998

Categories: Yoga

If you love doing Bryan Kest's power yoga vol. 3 than you would love this tape and be very challenged by it. It has basically the same type moves but this tape is mostly standing poses which require alot of balance, strength and flexibility. You do your basic poses,the lunge, warrior, triangle, upward facing dog, downward facing dog, all of your basic stretching poses that Bryan does but Mark adds a twist to each pose to really challenge you. This has a class setting but also shows Mark and 2 girls doing the routine outside and Mark always shows the most difficult pose while most of the class stays with the basic pose. If you love doing yoga and aren't being challenged by Bryan kest vol. 3 workout anymore than I highly recommend this tape. It is 86 minutes of solid yoga poses and will challenge even the most advanced!!!

Instructor Comments:
Mark reminds me alot of Bryan Kest, very motivational, very flexible and knows alot about yoga.

Dawn Henson