Yoga with John Schumacher (Volume 1): Basic Daily Routine

John Schumacher
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Yoga
- Audio Workout

This is an hour-long practice consisting of 30 minutes of standing poses and 30 minutes of floor poses and savasana.

It is a fairly fast-moving but not power yoga practice. That, I like about it. I realized today that I learned yoga moving directly from one pose to another without IMO extraneous chaturanga-down dog-up dog between asanas, so it is more comfortable to me.

The practice is meticulously instructed, with a nonstop barrage of form pointers. I caught myself thinking of him as the yogi drill sergeant.

The instruction itself is quite dry, no flowery language whatsoever, just "move your right hip forward and straighten your left knee". There are a couple of references to "kidneys" that aren't strictly anatomical and a bit of "brain movement" imagery in the savasana that makes my literal nurse mind scream "subdural hematoma!!!", but that's my problem.

The poses are held fairly long, I never felt rushed, but on the other hand, I never had that oh, geez, HOW MUCH LONGER feeling that I've had with other practices.

There is no music in this CD, even in savasana. This could be either a plus or minus, depending on your temperament. There is so much instruction in this CD that music could be a distraction. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who had taken a class with John as to whether or not he conducted a live class in a similar manner.

Overall, a practice which can be very useful to beginners and more advanced practitioners alike.

Instructor Comments:

Jennifer R