Upper Body Workout

Anja Schreiner
Year Released: 1991

Categories: Upper Body Strength

This is a very short (20-minute) upper body and abs workout. I got it on eBay and really wasnít expecting much. Iím happy to say, though, that this is one Iíll be keeping. There are two reasons: one is that itís short, and I can tack it on to an aerobic workout. The other reason is that she does a particular exercise that I havenít seen before. It looks like a shoulder press, but you bring your barbell/dumbbells down behind your neck. You feel it in the back of your shoulder (rear deltoids). I love this exercise, because it seems the rear delts are pretty hard to work unless you get all bent over in uncomfortable positions. This standing exercise amazed me the first time I did it Ė I couldnít believe that just by changing the position of the barbell slightly that I could get an altogether different muscle. Anyway, this is the main reason Iím keeping this tape. The workout is shot on a beach, which is very pretty, and that also helps. Anja Schreiner isnít the best at cueing and/or counting, but is adequate. Also, she doesnít really teach the moves, she just does them, so it wouldnít really be very good for beginners. But experienced exercisers can use it and adjust their weights to whatever is appropriate for them. If you can find this on eBay or elsewhere for a few dollars, you might consider it, but donít blow your budget on it (itís not worth that much!). Grade B+.

Instructor Comments:
Anja Schreiner is a former competitive bodybuilder. Although she looks absolutely fabulous, sheís really not instructor material. At least if she is, it doesnít come across in this video. Her strength here is in being able to motivate you by her own success.

Annie S.