Yoga Walk

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Yoga

Background on me: Beginning to intermediate exerciser, been using videos for about 4 months. I have recently started using mainly walking videos as my cardio due to a back injury and chronic issues with shin splints. I have limited yoga experience, but have done some.

About the video: I think this is part of a package that used to include Walk Kick and Walk Jog. They have since re-released Walk Kick and Walk Jog as Walk and Kick and Walk and Jog on DVD. I have not seen Yoga Walk on DVD.

Breakdown: This video is 27 minutes long.

WU-3 min
Walking-13 min
Yoga-11 min

Pluses: Excellent introduction to yoga for those not sure about it. There is no "woo woo" factor at all. Nice warm-up if you were going to do the yoga on this tape or for some other activity.

Minuses: The walking was too short for me (though I knew how long it was when I started). I was just getting into the groove of it, when it was over. The yoga was more basic stretching, than yoga. Leslie is great and motivating for walking, but I don't really think yoga is her best genre.

Definitely a beginner video. Good if you just want to give yoga a try.

Instructor Comments:
She is sweet, initimidating and very motivating. She's very chatty, but I like it.

Krista (benemma)