Walk With Me

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Walking Aerobics

This is a review of the two tape set “Shape Your Body” which consists of the Walk With Me one mile tape and the Heart Healthy Walk two miler. I am posting this review because there are no reviews on these tapes and someone recently asked about them on the Forum. This is essentially my reply.

Leslie Sansone’s website describes this set as
“Start your regimen with "Walk With Me" a relaxing, gentle one-mile walk with Leslie Sansone beside you all the way. Then pump it up with "Heart Healthy Walk" a super-energizing 2-mile workout that helps you manage your cholesterol and raises your stamina.”

I have this set but I have permanently loaned it out. It is one-on-one with Leslie. I found these tapes to be slower than any other Leslie tapes I have. I felt these two were beginner beginner tapes. I think Leslie’s chatter is even more directed toward the beginner than in her other tapes (if that is possible). They were filmed in the original WATP era on the same set as Walk and Jog and Walk and Kick.

I started working out to the original WATP set in June of 2001. I bought the Heart Healthy Walk and Walk with Me as a set in August of 2002. I was treated for Lyme disease with IV antibiotics (overall very fatiguing and my arm movements were restricted) August through October 2002. I did not use either of these tapes after my treatment because they were too easy, even during treatment. I still use every other Leslie tape I have, including one-milers from the various WATP sets.

I would only recommend these tapes to a extremely sedentary person or someone with restrictions (post heart surgery or something). I think the “Heart Healthy” title is directed at people whose doctors have insisted they exercise.

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