Weight Loss Walk

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 1992

Categories: Walking Aerobics

This is one of Leslie's older workouts which has been re-released on dvd. I would say it is one of the less dated- looking ones, although they do wear leotards in the latter few segments.

Leslie leads about three sections in a living room set with a window behind her. After a somewhat cheesy opening where she kicks her "husband" out of the room so she can exercise, she does the first segment, which is about a mile, herself. There is no pop-up graph like in her later videos, but she does make reference to half-mile and mile landmarks.

She is joined by a class for the rest of the dvd, and leads them through a walk aerobics routine. There are a few different moves here beyond the base four used in her later Walk Away the Pounds, which was nice. The changeover is also much more frequent. You seldom stay with anything for longer than a few sets of 8. Leslie fans looking for some variety will be pleased with this routine.

I love Leslie and do her workouts often, but it is difficult for her to sustain my interest for a complete hour. I might do this workout in sections, but I doubt I would often do the whole thing. Still, I am pleased to have it as it offers some variety in the moves. I would recommend this one.