Weight Loss Walk

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 1992

Categories: Walking Aerobics

This was a nice no-brainer and I felt I got a reasonably good workout to boot! I really enjoy choreography but I have a definite learning curve and can only handle so much new choreo at once. This gives me a nice break from learning my Christi tapes.

The set is a living room with a window where the whether changes outside and a couch. The first "mile" of this video is just you and Leslie. I did not like this part for this reason. At the beginning of the second mile, the door bell rings or there's a knock or something and Leslie answers the door. Of, course, there are people out there who come in and join right on in. This happens again at the next mile or so. This reminded me so much of Richard Simmons it wasn't funny. I swear he does something like this in his Groovin in the House video. Anyway, this is basically just walking in place with some very basic aerobic type moves thrown in every now and then to spice it up.

All in all, I feel I got a decent workout at about an intermediate level due to the length of the workout and the speed at which you "walked". I do think that if I had only these "walking" videos I would expire of boredom, however, I'm one of those people who enjoy learning choreography. I like to be so busy trying to figure out what I'm doing that I forget I'm working out. But at the same time, I need these easier choreography videos as a nice break too. If you don't mind the repetitiveness of it and are at an intermediate level, this would be a good choice for you.

Instructor Comments:
Leslie Sansone is a very chatty instructor. This is not a problem for me, so to speak, but those who don't like lots of chatter should steer clear! That being said, she seems like a very nice person and she keeps moving through all the chatter rather than stopping everyting to tell you something, which I appreciated.

Donna Mc