Weight Loss Walk

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 1992

Categories: Walking Aerobics

I wanted to put in a review of this because I think it deserves to be a Favorite. In my opinion, this is an ideal beginners video because it really gives a new exerciser a good base and gives them something to work up to. Leslie is very encouraging, and friendly. She urges to go at their own pace and do what they can. The video is set up with a warm up, three aerobic segments and a cool down, so you can do as many segments, or as few, as you want. This is perfect for beginners- start with one segment, work up and eventually- do the whole thing. It works well if you have time contraints and don't want the same 20 min. workout every day... on this video, there's three! Leslie's cueing is usually fine. But these steps are very basic so its not hard to get back into it in a couple of seconds. What isn't so good- the music is boring. The exercisers look bored most of the time, though they do look like "real" people of different ages. Leslie seems to have trouble staying on the beat so you spend some time marching in place while she "catches the beat" again. The steps are very repetitive. Basic steps are okay, but she doesn't put them together. You do one step, then march. Another step, then march. And each time you do a certain step, the arm motions are the same. Also, there is dead air between songs, so the music doesn't really flow. Beyond those few things, this is a great workout for beginners who want to start slow and work up. This video will give an exerciser a lot of options until they are ready to move on to more challenging videos. It also can make a nice addition to the more advanced exerciser who wants a basic, low impact tape to rotate on off/ recovery days. Very motivating and friendly.

Instructor Comments:
leslie is personable and very encouraging. an ideal instructor for beginners.