Weight Loss Walk

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 1992

Categories: Walking Aerobics

I bought this tape last summer ('97) when I was restarting my fitness programme from scratch following problems with my back. I was looking for a longish, low-impact tape, with no sudden jarring or twisting movements. And this was it: it's a super-low-impact, super-easy tape based on walking, with a few extra moves for variety (e.g. knee lifts, kicks, shuffles and box step). There are no difficult moves here, and just about anyone should be able do it. It's definitely a good tape for people who are out of shape and are put off by the idea of dance-type workouts, for older exercisers who want/need to go gently - and, of course, people getting back into a training programme after illness or injury but wanting to start off carefully. I'm so glad I found this tape when I did.

There are three 20-minute segments of increasing intensity, representing 1 mile (beginner pace), 1 miles (beginner/intermediate) and 1 miles (intermediate). The music is lively.

Leslie Sansone is joined by three different exercisers in each section, working out in her living room. They are all "normal" people, a couple of whom have lost quite a lot of weight following her Walk Off Weight System, which consists of this tape and a companion toning video "Firm Off Weight" (I don't have this tape, so can't comment on it). In both videos the amount of exercise done is expressed in miles, the goal being to "cover" a particular number of miles each week.

I still use this video if my back feels delicate or if I'm feeling a little under the weather. Other tapes offer a wider variety of steps, so I find this a little boring if I do it too often, but it makes a nice change now and then. Because the tape is in sections it lends itself to use in a combination workout. For instance, I've done section 2 and/or 3 of this tape after first doing a lower body tape or some time on my stairclimber. (Since finding the Forum I've discovered the joys of combos!!)

According to Collage, this is a beginner/intermediate-level tape. I'd say it's very good for beginners, but more of a light-day tape for intermediates.

Instructor Comments:
Leslie Sansone is an unintimidating, enthusiastic instructor, who offers lots of encouragement. She comes across as very down-to-earth and friendly. During the workout she points out that the important thing is not to learn fancy steps, but to keep moving. Sometimes she cues a little ahead of a change, so at first I was changing steps before she did. However, this doesn't matter with such simple steps, and after I'd done the workout a couple of times I remembered to wait a few seconds.

Glynis van Uden