Walk And Kick

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Walking Aerobics

I had this video for a while, traded it away, bought another copy, sold it on ebay and then bought it yet again. I like the kickboxing moves she incorporates and I want to like this workout, but mostly I just feel agitated by it. The background is a courtyard setting that could be interesting and pretty, but the lighting is dim, there are shadows on the floor and it just seems dull. The music is kind of low, sometimes hard to hear, and for my personal tastes, is really uninspiring. Also, something seems kind of off between Leslie and the background exercisers; I just don't feel the happy vibe I usually get with her workouts. I wish Leslie would make a new walk & kick video with good lighting, vibrant colors and better music, because I really like the concept, just not this particular presentation.