Walk And Jog

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Walking Aerobics

I'm an advanced exerciser and I'm surprised by how much I enjoyed this workout. Time flew! It's perfect for for light, time-crunched workout days. Although it's intended for upper beginner-lower intermediates, I found it easy to increase the intensity by using larger movements and adding more running. This workout worked well on my rebounder, too.

I think choreographically challenged exercisers of all levels would like this. Intermediate-to-advanced exercisers could use this as an easy 30-minute "light" add-on to more intense 30-minute Firm/Crunch workouts.

Leslie Sansone seems more subdued in "Walk and Jog" compared to "4 Mile Super Challenge," though she is still quite chatty. The set is average but fine. The music isn't that noticeable. The workout is fun and basic. It only cost $11 on Amazon.

I would have never considered purchasing a Leslie Sansone DVD before (I considered her to be for beginners), so I'm glad I read good feedback on it on the Videofitness reader forum. It proved to be a good investment because I'm sure I'll use it often.