Walk Away the Pounds Express: Super Challenge

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Walking Aerobics

Leslie Sansone Express 4 Mile Super Challenge

This walking workout is 57 minutes in length. Intensity-wise, it depends on what you put into it. I went all-out and got a moderate-to-moderate/high intensity workout. There are no props used in this workout, even though it is part of a DVD set that includes the 'stretchie' band. The set is very large, clean, and well-lit. The flooring is hard and shiny, and the walls are brick. The production value. on the whole, is very high. All of Leslie's crew are dressed in similar black outfits.

The moves you will do are straight walking in place, side-to-side steps, knee-ups, front kicks, hamstring curls, and some double side-to-side steps, some walk-up and walk-backs. all the moves, at one time or another, and throughout the body of the workout, incorporate long lever arm movements. this helps a lot with the intensity, as you can really extend your arms while working the lower body movements, and get a good workout. Leslie's banter is fine; she is chatty as usual. I don't think her banter here is as engaging as it can be in some of her other workouts, but she's fine here- typical Leslie. the music is the same music Cathe used for Cardio Kicks. I love this soundtrack, and am very pleased that Leslie used it here.

This is a very good workout for an int/ adv exerciser who wants a low-impact, full-body movement workout, with no- brainer choreography, that is gentle on the body, but vigorous. This would be a great workout to modify with weighted gloves or by holding 1-2 lb hand weights to up the intensity. The moves, both upper and lower body, are simple enough that weight could easily and comfortably be added for most of the workout.

Kathy Weller