Walk Away the Pounds Express: Super Challenge

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Walking Aerobics

This is the longest of Leslie's new Express walks, the 4 mile super challenge. The set has brick walls, big windows, and a bare floor. There is quite a host of background exercisers, all in black, all with big smiles, all with slightly different form. The workout starts out slowly with the warmup, gets more brisk for mile one, VERY brisk for miles two and three, and slows down again for mile four. The cooldown is part of mile 4 as opposed to coming AFTER mile four. I would say that this workout is a little more vigorous than typical Leslie, but still, of course, quite doable. I am an intermediate exerciser and stayed in the low-to-middle range of my THR, worked up a nice little sweat, and felt energized when I was done. There isn't too much to say about a Leslie workout. She uses her usual four steps, walking in place, knee lifts, side steps, kicks, and adds in hamstring curls, double side steps, and even a grapevine during the cooldown! Unweighted upper body movements add intensity at times throughout the workout. The music is better than generic but not great. It definitely has a good beat and is energizing. Leslie is her usual perky, talky, encouraging, enthusiastic, but always completely sincere self. She talks about your blood circulating, your joints lubricating, oxygen flowing, body balancing, muscles strengthening, sweat cooling you, how well you'll sleep, how SMART you are, and basically convinces you that doing this walk means that you are not only healthy as a horse but a completely wonderful human being!

The choreography is simple, the intensity is adaptable but generally intermediate, the patter is health-focused and encouraging, what's not to like? The workout is 57 minutes long and well worth the time.

Instructor Comments:
Leslie is very chatty and encouraging. I like that. But if you don't, don't say I didn't warn you! Leslie's chattiness is not irritating, in my opinion, because she is just being LESLIE. It's definitely her real personality, not a put-on.

susan p