Walk Away the Pounds

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Walking Aerobics

For first time exercisers, this is perhaps the best video set out there. If you've been sedentary and are overweight, out of shape or any combination of those things, this is a great place to start. While I think Richard Simmons is more fun, these tapes have a more modest pace and much easier choreography (basically, they have none) than anything Simmons has made.

Leslie uses four steps as the core of her workout- marching, side steps, knee lifts and kicks. She also adds in double side steps, marching forward and back and hamstring curls (she calls them kick backs). She also uses only a few different arm motions (I thnk she loves the overhead press) so everything is very easy to catch on.

The music is just there- sometimes its too soft, but mostly it barely even registers so it can't be that bad or good. This makes a good cardio program for a beginner, but it is not a total program. There's barely any stretching and no lower body work. The only upper body work are endless shoulder exercises, so you would definitely need to add something for your upper body too.

What is annoying about this workout, and why it bugs me to recommend it, is two things- Leslie looses the beat a LOT. Really, in such an easy workout, keeping the beat should be a no-brainer. And more bothersome, Leslie goes on and on about the progam and the balls. She keeps yelping about how much she loves them and how great the workout is. She sounds so honestly thrilled you'd think she'd just brought us world peace or something.

Really, there is nothing revolutionary here- this is a basic, basic workout, geared toward beginners who want or need simple, non-choreographed programs at a moderate pace.

Instructor Comments:
Leslie is an ideal instructor for beginners- very enthusiastic, friendly and encouraging. She offers modifications and instucts people to do what they need to get the workout they need. However, she talks endlessly, mostly about how great the workout is and how wonderful the weighted balls are. It does wear on the nerves.