Walk Away the Pounds

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Walking Aerobics

This is a three-tape set: 1-Mile Walk, which is 20 minutes; 2-Mile Walk which is 30 minutes, and 3-Mile Walk, which is 45 minutes. All three tapes are fairly similar, although she does increase the BPM in the two and three mile tapes.

The tapes are uncomplicated. The set is basic, and the background exercisers (women of various ages and body types, and one man) seem natural and unrehearsed. The clothes have similar colour schemes (blue tones, orange tones) but don't really match per se. This is definitely a less polished production than most videos out there, but it's still a fun tape with a few useful innovations.

These tapes champion low impact, low complexity. The knee-up is literally the most complicated thing Leslie does, and she even tells you to modify this if it gives you trouble. She combines simple marches with varying stances, knee-ups, toe touches and the like with sweeping, full-range upper body moves. In the latter stages of each tape, she adds weighted balls to the upper body arsenal. I'm not sure how much extra effect this has. I was using dumbbells, and I suppose I could keep upping them, but there is only so far you can go weight-wise while doing walking without sacrificing safety. The focus was definitely cardio; a true beginner might see some muscle tone improvements, and I suppose it is better than using no weights at all, ever. But this is not a weight-training tape.

The workouts all have the same predictable pattern of moves, but the progress graph keeps it from getting too tedious. At various intervals, the graph will pop up and show how much of the workout is left. This was very motivating as it was easy to lose perspective of time if doing the same moves over and over again. Leslie also keeps up a steady stream of encouraging chatter.

I generally prefer machines for cardio as I cannot handle choreography very well. For me, this tape will be a nice alternative. It is definitely less intense than something like stepping or the firm, but when I got this set, I was coming off an illness and really needed something that wouldn't leave me too out of breath. It's also a good tape for days when you know you should workout, but you just don't feel like doing anything. Women who are larger up top might also find this tape useful because it is VERY low impact. I appreciated Leslie's using background exercisers with this body type as it is rare to see in workouts.

This is a great workout---if you know what to use it for. Cathe and Christi fans will probably never go near it with a ten-foot pole, and even a choreo-klutz like me would probably find the forty-five minute tape a bit boring. But the 2-mile half hour paired with some stretching or pilates would make a perfect I'm tired/sick/that time of the month kind of workout, and those that are looking for a nice, light workout that still feels like something might enjoy this tape a lot.