Walk Away the Pounds

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Walking Aerobics

3 videos, with weighted balls, recipes, vitamins; currently advertised on infomercial.

While this program did take about 3 weeks to get here when ordered via the infomercial, it was worth the wait. I really love it - the tapes are about the best production Leslie's ever done. It has 3 tapes - 1 mile, 2 mile, and 3 mile - and each one has a weight component that involves walking with 2 lb. weighted balls that are like the Green Genie balls. If you've done Leslie's tapes before, you know what to expect - an easy to follow workout that still can make you sweat if you put your all into it, and then Leslie's personality, which is funny, and encouraging, and very down to earth (Leslie has never seemed interested in working out to make you beautiful or sexy, but to keep you healthy, and I really appreciate that!) Here, the workout is similar to her others, though the pace is faster than usual, at least for several minutes preceding the walking with weights, and at that point, the pace slows a bit (still a good pace, though).

Now, a couple of things. First, the balls are good, but I found myself straining my neck some using them, so instead I got out my walking weights that go around my palm (about $7 or so at Tarzhay, I mean Target!), and that's made the weight walking part much more comfortable, but still effective (and I still use the balls for the 1 mile walk). Also, this is the best she's ever had as far as production values - nice large set, the cast all in coordinated clothing (good cast too - esp. the woman behind her who looks really good for 51!), and music that isn't too low and has a beat perfectly in sync with the pace. I've noticed too that nowhere in the entire package does she mention WalkAerobics, so I'm wondering if this is a whole new series that she's embarking on (and there's a separate website too: www.walkawaythepounds.com ).

Also, you get a booklet explaining the program, with a calendar showing a 21 day schedule, and which walk to do which day (I'm now in my second week, and feeling really good!); you also get recipe cards that correspond with each of those days, and while I haven't used these (I don't cook at all, unless you count nuking a Lean Cuisine!), the recipes look pretty good.

All in all, if you like Leslie (and I love her), or need a simpler program to follow, or even just have a small space to work out in, this is a great program.

Sally Waters