Nutrisystem with Leslie Sansone - Woman's Walk

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Walking Aerobics

Leslie talks about the Nutrisystem plan during the first few minutes of the DVD, before the workout starts.

This is a brisk two-mile walk that clocks in at about 27 minutes (there is a cooldown and stretching after that point which takes another five minutes or so). I am reviewing the cardio portion only, as I did not do the firming segment at the end of the DVD. This workout does not require any "walk boosters".

Leslie mentions Nutrisystem quite a bit in this workout - she reminds you that the program will help you succeed because you don't have to worry about what you're eating each day. It is all planned out for you. I did not get this DVD as a part of the plan - I bought it from eBay and I have no affiliation with Nutrisystem.

Leslie walks with seven women, all dressed in various shades of pink, black, and white. Mary Kay looks wonderful! I also recognized Mickey and Jackie from her Walk Slim series.

The music is familiar, the set is the Walk Slim stage - the black background with the light laminated floor - with a Nutrisystem banner hanging among the pictures.

There is really nothing new with this workout - but it is one of the more brisk two-mile workouts that Leslie offers.

I like this workout much better than the two-mile workout she did for Jenny Craig. The pace is better and she does a good job of interacting with the walkers. She was very stiff in the Jenny Craig brisk walk.

If you are a Leslie fan (as I am) and don't mind listening to her Nutrisystem pitch, this would be a good addition to your workout library.

Instructor Comments:
Leslie is her usual perky, supportive self. Good interaction with her walkers.