3 Mile Weight Loss Walk

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Walking Aerobics

This is a brand new release from Leslie, not one that has been repackaged or renamed. The DVD cover says it is the 3 Mile Weight Loss Walk, but when it comes up on the screen, it says 3 Mile Power Walk. Leslie is joined by MaryKay (who wears a mic and leads the second mile), together with Stephanie & Barb from the Walk Slim workouts, and newcomers Vance & Suzette. Most of the music in this was new to me (I recognized two songs with vocals from Walk Slim, the rest is all instrumental and not anything I've heard in her other workouts.) During one transition between songs in the second mile and in one transition during the third mile, there is a noticable gap when one song ends and another begins, but the rest of it flows pretty smoothly. The set is also new. It is light and bright, with hardwood floors and fake windows in the background and I liked it alot. Everyone is wearing different colors; no matching outfits here. Leslie's cueing is very good in this one, as is MaryKay's. Leslie talks in the background sometimes while MaryKay is cueing, but I don't think she is anywhere near the hyper level she attains in other recent releases. At the end of the first mile Leslie and most of the other walkers use her soft handweights briefly. There are no weights used during the second mile, which goes at a faster pace (but not boosted walking fast, which was just fine by me). The third mile slows down quite a bit and the weights are used for most of it; Leslie makes a point several times of reminding us to maintain control and not get swingy with them. Both weights are always in use at the same time, so there is no issue with uneven reps. Personally, I think this is one of Leslie's better produced workouts. I like it so much I have done it three times in the week since I received it. I find it very enjoyable and am glad to have it in my collection.

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