1 Mile Booster

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Walking Aerobics

I bought this as part of a set along with 1 Mile Jog. It's supposed to be a complete 30 min workout but only about 15 minutes is the actual 'walk' and the other is a short toning segment and talking. I only did the walk. In this one she's with a group of people and looks really crowded! She's using that abs belt and others have the balls, handweights, or stretchy band. one guy in the back looks like a biker dude and he doubles up on the belt for more resistance. I didn't find the pace all that fast; I guess since they're using the 'boosters' that gets their heartrates up. I've done this one twice; once with 3 lb handweights and again tonight without any boosters(none handy)and had to add more arm movements and double time some of the arm movements to get my heartrate where I wanted it to be.

I like how they all use different boosters and she's very chatty in this one but of course gets offstep several times. Time went by pretty fast and she says when you're 1/2 mile into it. I don't think you do more movement than a single sidestep for the first halfmile so I'm thinking Imay start out on my rebounder for the first half then go to the floor for the forward walks later on to change it up some.

I don't think this one is worth a lot in itself but along with the 1 mile jog it was a decent deal I guess.

Instructor Comments:
chatty as usual and gets off step but I like Leslie and expect this in her workouts! I like her enthusiasm though and the chatter helps pass the time for me.