10 Minute Solution: Fat Blasting Latin Dance Mix

Stella Sandoval
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

I really liked this workout! I have done tons of "Latin" cardio workouts and was afraid I would be bored to death of cha chas, merengues and sambas at this point -- yet as a vidiot of course I bought this anyway.

I'm glad I did. Yes, all the requisite moves are there, but Stella puts them together in efficient, fresh combos that make them feel fun anyway.

There are five separate workouts at 10 minutes each, so it's good value for the money. I didn't find any of them to be distinctly different from another. Each one will emphasize the use of a certain move (tango, merengue or cha cha) but really, they're all just variations on the theme of triple stepping while twisting and working your hips, torso and knees to get that undulating feel.

Stella wears different outfits for each workout. The choreography can actually be a bit challenging, but not too complex -- it kept me interested. Each section flew by and I ended up doing the full 50 minutes. It's low intermediate in intensity overall. I got a nice sweat going and felt this was perfect for a cardio day that isn't either total "light" day nor "intense" day.

She works out in what looks vaguely like a Japanese-style dojo studio. You can see a little cupboard with towels and med balls in the background.

Instructor Comments:
Stella is top-notch. I really, really like her as an instructor. She is down to earth, a great cuer, and motivating without being over-the-top or forced. I always get the feeling that instructors for "brand" names like 10-Minute, Prevention, Shape, or Self are given scripted phrases to dutifully repeat. Stella seems to have to say "Red hot!" in the "Red Hot" dance section a lot, but does it neither with overly forced enthusiasm nor rote boredom. You feel like she knows, you know, so what! Let's work out! She is that rare instructor that can get me to sway the hips and do that "act sexy" thing without feeling lame (even if I still look lame, LOL). She also has a great body - not glamour-model thin, but shapely and "real."