Hardcore Kickbox Circuit

Janis Saffell, Guillermo Gomez
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts , Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

Janis and Guillermo alternate two 10-minute aerobic segments each and two short weight segments.
Janis starts off with familiar yet fresh choreography and builds it up section by section. The first segment includes step-knees and step-kicks, alternating side leg lifts, front knee lifts that circle around, plus jab-cross-uppercuts. Then you do a brief sequence of sideknee-lift-punch turning into a crescent kick-punch and squats.
Guillermo follows with double-jab-double-cross-scissors-back-knee-lift (building up to the total combo) on each side, then jab-cross-upper-upper-roundhouse, then combines the two sequences, interspersed with jacks.
After a short weight segment (I don't have weights so I skip forward)Janis builds up a sequence of eight jabs-circling pair of roundhouses plus step-hook-kick on either side.
After another short weight segment, Guillermo follows with circle-jab front-knee-back kick, then knee-knee-roundhouse-punch (a move often seen in taebo).
Then more squats plus slow side kicks, eight leg lifts on each side, and that's it.
I really liked the instrumental music. At one point it had a tribal drum beat. Guillermo sometimes counts in Spanish, to the giggles of the four background exercisers. Everyone seems pretty happy to be there.
Overall, 10 minutes of warmup (including pushups, punches, jacks and twists), 40 minutes of cardio and about 15 minutes of weights. It's a moderately advance video that is great for a day when you don't have a lot of time but want a decently hard workout. Janis and Guillermo are a great duo.

Instructor Comments:
Janis has gotten better and better in her style, with a polished yet still peppy delivery, even less miscues and a more relaxed yet professional demeanor. Guest instructor Gomez is fabulous, a sort of motivational drill sargeant who looks very stylish as well as fit and crisp in his style, often wryly humorous. (at one point, when you still "hold" or "rest" for a beat before punching, he says, "Your favorite part, eh?)