Brand New Butt and Pilates

Janis Saffell
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Lower Body Strength , Pilates/Core Strength

NOTE: This DVD (Brand New Butt Plus Sculpt) is apparently a re-release of footage from Janis's Brand New Butt Plus Pilates video; it contains the Warm-Up, Sculpting, and Cool-Down segments only (no Pilates or step aerobics as on the original).

This is a mainly lower body-focused sculpting workout that uses dumbbells and a Dynaband, and it clocks in just over a half hour. The 5-minute warm-up is fairly traditional with side taps, hamstring curls, arm reaches, etc., and it concludes with lower body stretches.

The 19.5 minute sculpting section begins with an unweighted plie series. Some of these moves were reminiscent of ballet, where you stand on one leg and lift one toe up, but Janis also includes plie squats and throws in some plyos as well. The next series uses dumbbells to incorporate some upper body work: there is a lunge front with a front raise, a knee lift with a bicep curl, and a front kick with a side raise.

Continuing to work both the upper and the lower body, Janis uses both the band and the weights at the same time for squats with overhead press and side leg extensions. The final series begins with an upper body combination only (a row/flye on one side, a row/triceps kickback on the other), then adds a back kick with balance and a back leg raise. Finally, Janis finishes off each leg with lunge front-side-back series.

Janis incorporates the band into the lengthy (just under 7 minutes) cool-down as well, using it mainly to stretch the hips and hamstrings in a lying position. The cool-down also includes several Pilates moves, such as the teaser and the mermaid (in fact, it's a little odd because Janis keeps talking about the Pilates workout you just completed--which of course isn't included on this version of the DVD).

Overall, I liked this DVD. It didn't give me a killer lower body workout, but it would be a nice alternative on a shorter/lighter day; I could also see using it as an add-on to a full-body strength workout to get some extra leg work in. This workout would be most likely to appeal to those who prefer to work their lower body use either no or light weights only.

Instructor Comments:
I like Janis; I find her to be warm and friendly, very real, and encouraging without being overly chatty. She has impeccable form and gives great mirror cueing. She works out here with three background exercisers in the same studio that was used for her Hardcore Kickbox Circuit DVD; I believe that much of the music was recycled from that video as well.

Beth C (aka toaster)