Brand New Butt and More

Janis Saffell
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Lower Body Strength

This video has already been broken down in detail. I have done it three times and decided I am going to put it into my rotation. The moves really sneak up on you. Sometimes you are only moving a couple of inches, and not doing alot of reps, but all of a sudden I really feel them!

Here is what I don't like:
- The fast scissor lunges. I can't believe she encourages us to do them with ankle weights! Seems dangerous. I stay with the regular backward lunges or do regular scissors.

-The pure upper body work- she throws in a couple sets of tricep extensions and rear delt lifts, which do nothing for me because I'm only using 4 lb, dumbbells. I FF through those exercises and do a separate upper body toning tape.

What I do like:
-The one legged deadlifts-small, slow movements really make my hamstrings burn!

-A move where you are in a static lunge, close to the ground. Dumbbells resting on the forward bent leg. You straighten that knee and squeeze your rear up. WOW!! Works the area between the butt and hamstrings- you know, the area "only" the Fanny Lifter targets!

-A standing oblique move- on one leg, other leg bent with knee forward and toe resting next to the other knee, and you squeeze your side to raise your hip up. I felt these the next two days!

-Floorwork- again lots of small movements, not alot of reps needed. You get some nice upper body work here too.

This one is a keeper for me and one I can grow with- eventually adding ankle weights and heavier dummbells.

Instructor Comments:
I love her personality; Janis is always smiling, laughing and encouraging you to go at your own pace. She would be a terrific workout partner.