Brand New Butt and More

Janis Saffell
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Lower Body Strength

Have you ever disliked a tape that everyone else seems to love?

My case in point: Brand New Butt

Not crazy about it, ut uh. no-sir-eee.

I expected a somewhat innovative, challenging lower body workout with an emphasis on standing legs and core work. I got a not-especially-challenging or well-conceived mismosh of quasi-interesting different-for-differents sake moves interspersed with nonsense.

Janis' use of ankle and waist weights borders on unsafe (fast paced scissor lunges with 5 lb. ankle weights, ugh, my knees!!).
She peppers in a heap of fairly ineffectual light-weight upper body work (I can only ask, "why??").

I'm a low/advanced strength exerciser and I do a fair amount of core work/pilates. I did not find BNB at all challenging. The planks were really milktoast compared to Stott or Cathe or Lazenby's All the Right Moves or Dunphy's Ripple.

My time with BNB would have been much better spent with Cathe's Leaner Legs (or any Cathe Strength), or even Margaret Richard's Give Me Strength - which was far more challenging - IMO. Ditto Firm Standing Legs or Karen Great Weighted Workout (now there's a *yowza* lower body floorwork tape).

The appearance-obsessed title (and jacket) and chatter at the end are especially grating because I don't think use of this video is going to yield anybody a janis-butt. If this tape was called "ok for a light day foray into the latest gym trend in south beach butt tape" I think I'd feel better about it. But my expectations were way to high to be anything but annoyed.

Instructor Comments:
I am not convinced that Janis has my best interests at heart. I *do* think she'd like to sell me one of those "waist weight" contraptions.

Jane C