Brand New Butt and More

Janis Saffell
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Lower Body Strength

When I first read the short description of this video, in the Collage catalog, I wasn't interested at all. It sounded like alot of the new tapes on the market that are trying to do something new, which may be challenging when you do the tape, but you won't feel it the next day. Boy, was I wrong! I felt this tape 2 days afterwards! I traded for this tape, so obviously it isn't for everyone, but it would be good for anyone looking for unique exercises and are very tired of the traditional squats & dips.

It starts out with a very fun warmup. Then moves into a lunge section, that turns into plyo lunges. Janis reminds you that it is your workout and adjust it how you feel, by doing the first style of lunges or the plyo ones. Some exercisers have on ankle weights but I wouldn't use them for this section myself.

The one-legged deadlifts section is next. I haven't seen this in any video I've owned, but to me it was new. I also liked the balancing one legged dead lifts. I found this variation to be killer! There is some upper body work added in. Some of the upper body is compounded with the lower body. I can't say I feel the upper in many of these compound moves. I do feel it when she stops and does the upper body separate. It is mostly a lower body workout.

I liked the floor work section, but had to modify some parts (by just laying on the floor rather than keeping my rib cage lifted) that were designed to also work your core due to that I have arthritis in my neck. I didn't get all of the core/ab strengthening benefits, but still received all of the lower body benefit. One part, I felt my quads burning and was relieved to hear Janis ask "Do you feel these in your quads?" --it was perfect timing because mine were burning and wasn't sure if they were supposed to be. I also liked the floor work that I've seen used in Quick Toning Buns of Steel that I also found effective and unique, but glad to have it included in another video I own.

This is an excellent lower body workout - I'd rate it an A.