Brand New Butt and More

Janis Saffell
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Lower Body Strength

The Set: wood floor, red set
The Cast: Janis Saffell and 5 students
The Attire: 3 of them have bare midrift(including Janis), Janis wears a halter top. and they all wear lycra one piece shorts and top.
Fitness Level: Beginner, intermediate or advanced, (depending on if you use ankle weights etc.)
Equipment: dumbbells, or barbell, or weight belt, Ankle weights.
Workout Type: As you can see from the descriptions it works entire upper body, and lower body Muscle Sculpting.
Workout Length: 58 min.
Music: recognisable tunes with a definite beat!
Presentation: Janis looks so slim and smooth, her cueing is precise, not a lot of reps, she maximises intensity by pulsating contractions. Large range of motion, and multiple muscle-group combinations.

The Warmup: marching, side to side, side leg lifts, then mambo, little squats, grapevines with knee lifts. then add repeaters.
at 5min. tap toes forward then back.
at 5.40 stretches.
at 7 min. - add ankle weights or waistbelt if you want. I added 2 1/2 lb ankle weights. She says "everybody work at their own pace"
step touches, then repeaters, 5 lunges, pliees
then add quick lunge (like scissors) (I didn't do the hopping, just the simple dip)

At 10.30 min. pick up hand weights, with one leg extended back do deadlifts rear leg lifts, then halftime then quad lift, then dips. pliees. Repeat everything other side.

do the 10.30 min. sequence 4 times on each side.

Begin dead lift with lat rows
lift leg back then squeeze, 8 dips again pliees
repeat other side

repeat this combo on either side again.

At 20 min. quad lifts forward add bicep curls, then hammerhead then shoulder lift squat, knee up combo, then lift hip repeat other side

2x this sequence each side.

At 25.30 min. - deadlifts, then rear delt or butterflyes then one arm tricep kickbacks, while both legs still open fron and back lift and lower buns. repeat sequence other side.

at 36min. Floorwork laying down on mat on one side lift leg back 12x (hold lower leg up) pushups from knees 6x then lift entire body with same leg lifting sloow and controlled 5x core strength bring knees in together 12x same start position, lift buttox up and lower 14x on side lift outer leg to side 24x sit up lift buttox up and down 4x then lift outer leg 4 slow 10 fast bring knee in and out 10x sitting both knees 90degrees lift rear knee slightly then ankle forward and back 4 slow 12 fast. repeat everything other side
at 54min. abs and stretch
58 min. end

Total Rating: I did the whole tape with my 2 1/2lb ankle weights... it was tough.... for those who are stronger you can do it with 4 or 5 lbs. I really like this tape I give it a 9 of a possible 10 (it is not the toughest but tough enough for me)

Lucy aka Sunshine