Brand New Butt and More

Janis Saffell
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Lower Body Strength

Janis is a very friendly and encouraging instructor. Her form is very good in this tape.

This video is approximately 58 minutes with warmup and cooldown. The core of the workout is approximately 49 minutes. The equipment needed is a mat and a pair (or two) of dumbbells.

Janis also recommends the use of a weighted vest and/or ankle weights for the advanced.

When I first did the tape, I thought that it would be just a more advanced version of the 1st Brand New Butt tape (Crunch). Boy, was I wrong!

There is quite a bit of non-traditional strength work on this legged deadlifts for example. I REALLY felt them in my glutes. I was sore for two days after this tape.

There is also some upper body work combined with lower body movement. While I enjoyed the combo work, it just seemed to go on forever, probably because I was getting really tired. I was only able to use a pair of 4 pound dumbbells.

The core is worked throughout this tape. This video reminds me a lot of Christi Taylor's Strength, Balance and Flexibility in the sense that you really have to suck in your abdominals at all times, especially during the combination moves, to stay balanced and in good form.

After about 35 minutes you go down on the floor for legwork and abdominals. It was tough, especially the ab work. Some of the moves that Janis did were just impossible for me. It would have been nice if Janis had had one of the background exercisers show some modifications. As it was, I just had to gape at the T.V. in awe of some of the ab work that Janis did. Not your ordinary ab work. Variations of plank work and oblique work on your side, lifting your torso off the ground using your obliques...ouch!

Overall, I would say that if you enjoyed Strength, Balance, and Flexibility, you would enjoy this tape as well. It's a keeper for me, but it's definitely a tape that I, an intermediate exerciser, am going to have to work up to!

Patti S.