Real Fitness: Ultimate Step

Keli Roberts
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Step Aerobics

I had a good time with this...
an intermediate workout that suited me well.

keli is really good in this
one, as always, and while she cued most of the steps very well, she was a bit late on cueing some of them. so while i could follow along perfectly for most of it, i had to watch a rep or two before i caught some of the other steps.

not that the choreography was difficult or anything like
that... actually the choreo was basic and keli increased the difficulty with interesting arm movements and a few hops here and there. i was able to do all of the higher impact stuff that she added so i was pleased with

i also really liked the music and the ab section was good

instead of doing much stretching at the end, she did a relaxation meditation and that was different.

i also liked seeing kathy
smiths background exerciser (Nancy?) and i think that one of the women doing the beginner mods was in the step workout that keli did with cher.

Carolyn Visser