Real Fitness: Ultimate Step

Keli Roberts
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Step Aerobics

This tape proved to be just what I needed. I'm a runner who, last summer, needed a fairly low impact , intense step workout with simple choreography because of a foot injury. Cathe Friedrich/Kari Anderson whirls over the bench were simply out of the question.

One of the first things I noticed about 'Ultimate Step' is its high quality production. There is no "cheese" element here, no self-conscious exercisers, and no blah-looking set. Instead, the video has a well-lit attractive set, a cheerfully hip crew of background exercisers, and the incomparable Keli Roberts, who is careful to provide form pointers.

Best of all, "Ultimate Step" gave me a (mostly) low impact workout that really got my heartrate up there on an 8" step! If that's what you're looking for --- an I/A lower impact step workout - you'll be very happy with this. But you'll be terribly unhappy with Ultimate Step if you need intricate step choreography. It's repetitious. It can get very boring very fast. Hate to say it, but there it is. You've been warned.

Michelle Easton