Real Fitness: Ultimate Step

Keli Roberts
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Step Aerobics

This tape didn't wow me the first time I did it, but now, after a few tries, I just love it! It's a good growth tape. There are 3 segments of step (Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced). I noticed she uses that short home step put out by the Step Company. The set has a sort of Australian look to it. The cast seems to have fun. You can start slow and work up in so many ways. Plus, it's sooo fun. Even though the choreography isn't super-though or dancy like Kari Anderson, it's got flavor to it. I have the Keli Roberts Abs & More tape (which I love), and I was expecting her to be the same on the step tape. She isn't. She's funky and fun! The quiet soothing voice is gone until the end when she does Abs then a relaxation segment. I love finishing this. It's great from start to finish. I think that one day, this tape will be in the Hall of Fame, where it deserves to be. It's one of my favorite Intermediate tapes ever. Go buy it! A++