Real Fitness: Ultimate Step

Keli Roberts
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Step Aerobics

I have had this video for a while.The first time I did it, I thought, "yea yea, big deal" and put it up for a few months. I really don't know why. At the time I was trying to conquer Kathe and Kari, and I thought if it didn't totally confuse me, then I wasn't getting a good workout. Then I hit a plateau-- I refused to do step for a while because I was just so frustrated (looking back it was obvious that I wasn't ready for the complex choreography offered by the other tapes--and THAT'S OKAY!)and after about two weeks I made myself do Keli Roberts' tape-- and I realized--it was fun!!!And I was sweating, my heart rate was up there, and I wasn't cursing her and crying because I couldn't follow the moves. This really is a great tape. Part of my problem has been solved in that I've accepted you don't have to be dying to be getting a good workout, and this one, don't get me wrong, is tough. It's designed for begginer/intermediate/advanced (beginner section--15 minutes stepping; intermediate section- 25 minutes stepping; advanced section-35 minutes stepping; and a short warmup and cooldown). After the stepping and the cooldown (which is too short, I think) there is an abdominal stabilization part-similiar to Keli's "Abs and more" tape. Following that is a nice relaxation portion. One thing that's good about it is you're not looking at the screen, and I think they were counting on that, because Keli has the goofiest look on her face! Anyway, I really like it and I think it's good for those of us who are "Cathe-challenged" because it has some of the same elements of her workouts that are great, but not as daunting.

Instructor Comments:
I like Keli Roberts alot. She has just the right amount of enthusiasm and cues well (even though she doesn't use "right" and "left"--she uses "front leg" and "Bcak leg" ) but I never got lost.

sarah engledow