Real Fitness: Ultimate Step

Keli Roberts
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Step Aerobics

Warm up: 7 min
Step: 33 min
Cooldown: 3 min
Abs: 7 min
Cooldown: 4 min

I really like this video. It has fun and interesting combinations without being too complicated. It is divided into three sections. At the end of the first section there is a perceived exertion check and a heart rate at the end of the second section. Several levels of intensity are shown, and one exerciser even takes out a riser at the begining of the third, most intense portion. The aerobic portion ends with a very challenging set of lunges that pushes my heart rate into the anaerobic zone.

After the very intense ending I could use a longer cool down and more stretching, but I just stop the tape until and do a cool down stretch of my own until my heart rate drops and I am ready to do the ab section. The abdominal section is short, only seven minutes but it is the most challenging ab workout I have ever done! Talk about intense! I think my abs are on fire by the end! I love it! Lower intensity options are shown. The second cool down is more of a visualization, relaxation technique, not really a stretch or cool down.

I do have a complaint, Keli never says left or right which I found very confusing at first, but after about the third time this was no longer a problem.

I think a few of the backup excersizers were on the original Step Rebook video. They don't say much but their faces are much more animated!

This video continues to be challenging after three months, as I am just now able to do about half of the power moves. I think of this video as a transition to push me into the advanced level.

Tonya Bednarick