Body Bar: Ready, Set, Superset

Keli Roberts
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Total Body Workouts

This workout is led by Keli Roberts and the background exercisers were Rob Glick and Mindy Mylrea (who was the modifier – this was a bit surreal to me). They had good interaction and it was fun to watch them. Keli gives good form pointers and explanations of what to do throughout the workout. I really like how she stresses that strength is good in and of itself, not just so you can look good.

This workout is comprised of combinations sets of lower-body exercises followed by upper-body exercises – done in traditional style. Then, the whole combination, or superset is repeated with a “twist” on it that increases the difficulty and which requires additional balance and/or strength. Some of the moves were fun. Others, I just couldn’t seem to get into.

I thought it is a very well-designed and executed workout. However, the second round of each superset was just a bit too creative for me. I just couldn’t get into the flow of the workout.

Instructor Comments:
She seems so down-to-earth, pragmatic, and descriptive to me when she leads workouts.

Laura S.