The New Body Bar

Keli Roberts
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Body Bar , Total Body Workouts

I really like this video!
She does slow movments with changing tempo, about 18 reps for a set.
She works the entire lower body with balance between quads and hamstrings: one set of squat, one set of deadlifts, lunges with back leg on the step, lunges with front leg on the step (the step help you focus the entire lower body, insted of working mainly the quads) , leg press on lower step ,bridge work on the step (and the body bar) and also inner and outer thighs exercises using the bar.
The upper body has 2 sets for each muscle,exept triceps that has 3 sets.
The ab section has only one set (2 minutes) and that wasn't very good for me. too bad it wasn't longer :( ,because besides this, it's a very balanced good workout.
I also didn't like the fact she only uses a body bar. I have a bar, but sometimes I want to use different weight,and I had to pause the video it.
another minus is the set. not as beatifull like the ones on The's not a big deal but I notice it.
I would give it A--

Instructor Comments:
This is the only video I have from her, but I'm impressed!
I liked the workout and also the fact she was as natural as she can. Not to many smiles and cheesines, but not stiff and hard either.